Random Thoughts from the Blogger Meetup

- When a waiter says, "No, we don't have Bass, but *insert random microbrew* tastes just like it." DO NOT believe him. It's just an evil plot to get you to pick something out for "2 for 1 Beer Night." For the record, Red Seal tastes worse than the Beast.
- On the other hand, Rosemount Riesling is very, very good. *hic*
- I am now in love with Rex Hammock's iPod Nano. It was tiny and shiny and very, very nice. Alas, I had to leave it behind. But I'm now afraid to go to the Apple Store to see the ViPod, because I may never be able to leave.
- I still have my doubts about gathering all Nashville bloggers together and giving them guns and live ammo. But I'll take your word for it, Blake.
- I was told tonight that my writing here and on NIT is "intriguing". I was actually really touched. I'm a sucker for a good compliment.
- Bonus points to Pink Kitty for letting Big Orange Michael and I talk football around her without smacking one of us in the process.
- I was so happy, because I was a meeting of bloggers, many of whom are very opinionated and political, and I didn't hear a word about the CIA leak investigation, Perry March, Sounds stadium funding, or the recent NIT megathread about the morning-after pill and rape. I was glad to get to know the folks and not debate them in the process. However, Miers was brought up and promptly dismissed. No need to ruin a good party.
- I have now decided that MafiaOzos is like Hogwarts - you have to have some sort of special enchantment to actually see it. I have now been there twice, and have tried to find it and failed about five times. That said, they might have the best pizza in town.
- Thanks to Rex for the pizza, kind folks for the drinks, and everyone for the entertainment.


Pink Kitty said...

I like football... just not as much as you and Michael do.

Though the sci-fi talk was a bit much.

Heh. :)

Dana said...

I know of very few people who like football as much as we do. Just glad we didn't completely bore you.

Sorry for going off on a Doctor Who tangent, lol.

Rex L. Camino said...

Hooray for Bass!

That and Leinenkugel's Red have thus far been my official beers of the fall.